Dog Sitter Reviews

Dog-sitting Sofia, Bulgaria. Review by Momchil, owner of dog Maybe

Best dog sitter! I met Alexandra in the kennel of the Soviet Army Monument while watching another of her four-legged clients. What impressed me even then was that she was the person who quickly and authoritatively tore a few dogs that were pulled. We exchanged contacts, but more than a year passed before I turned to her services. There are usually a lot of people who want to watch our Maybe, but one summer month we ran out of volunteers. I contacted Alexandra and fortunately she was free and saved the day. What’s more, I’ve been preferring to leave Maybe with her since then, and the reasons for that are clear. The dog does not change the environment, which can often be stressful for him, does not break his rhythm and habits and everything happens without logistical stress (carrying food, bowls, towels, etc.). And the best part is that all the time Alexandra sends photos and videos with which you are calm that everything is fine with your pet.
I highly recommend this dog sitting service in Sofia!
January, 2022

Dog-sitting Sofia, Bulgaria. Review by Yoana, owner of dog Chara

Do not hesitate for a minute if you need someone to leave your friend with – Alex is the best dog sitter in Sofia! The best choice!
Chara is not an easy dog ​​- rescued, lived in a yard, almost without human contact, and is not easily trust others. Alex found the right way to her and when we got home a week later, Chara cried for her until the evening! I dare to say that she looks after her better than us! And the advice she gave us turned out to be invaluable!
Alexandra is devoted to dogs as few people are. Your dog will be happy with her, will be in his own home with a true friend.
Therefore, to be calm and enjoy your trip, knowing that your puppy is well, “Pri nas e dobre” is the best dog sitting service in Sofia!
August, 2021

Dog-sitting Sofia, Bulgaria. Review by Nichola, owner of dog Sakar

For several times now, in a few days, I have entrusted my best friend to the exceptional care of “Pri nas e dobre“.
Sakar is especially attached to me, but when he stays with Aleksandra he is so calm and happy that neither of us is stressed by our separation.
Regular walks, workouts and games are part of the days spent with her.
Aleksandra comes to take care of Sakar in our home and she has justified my 100% trust. My dog ​​receives individual care, tenderness and love.
Aleksandra took incredible care of my cat, which at the same time needed special attention after surgery.
If you have to travel and can’t take your dog with you, don’t hesitate – “Pri nas e dobre” is the right choice!
February, 2021

Dog-sitting Sofia, Bulgaria. Review by Teodina Ilcheva, owner of dog Mila

Mila was only 3 months old when I first had to travel. My friends have other animals and there was no suitable owner for her.
I know Aleksandra and for a moment I did not hesitate to trust her, because I have seen how she treats other dogs – with a lot of love and attention.
At that time, Mila did not have all the vaccines and walking was forbidden, which created a lot of work at home. However, when I returned, not only the dog but also my apartment was in perfect condition.
Today Mila is almost a year old and I have entrusted her in the hands of “Pri nas e dobre” several times, and each time I am calm, because I know that my dog ​​will get everything she needs – attention, a long walk, play , caresses, food, intimacy and trust.
The fact that I found this option for my dog ​​when I’m gone, I find real luck. I’m sure Mila would say the same thing if she could.
August, 2020

Dog-sitting Sofia, Bulgaria. Review by Petya Lipeva, owner of dogs Frank and Berry

We used the services of “Pri nas e dobre” for a few days, during which my husband and I traveled and could not take care of our 2 dogs.
We were extremely worried about leaving the dogs in a hotel with other animals, as our male dog is large, uncastrated and does not like to share territory with other male dogs.
Looking for an alternative, we were able to find the services of “Pri nas e dobre” and the care of the dogs while we were away to happen in our home. This brought extra peace to all of us as:
– The dogs did not experience stress in a new place, but remained in the comfort of their own beds;
– They were walking in their familiar places in the neighborhood;
– For us there was no additional logistics to leave it and pick it up from a different location.
In addition to all these positives, “Pri nas e dobre” took great care of our pets. Recommended with 4 arms and 8 paws!
October, 2019

Dog-sitting Sofia, Bulgaria. Review by Maya Antonova, owner of pug Bari

I am extremely pleased with the care of my dog. I’m leaving Barry for the second time. He is quite old and has special needs – he was provided with all the amenities and all the requirements. I don’t think there is a better place to leave it, and I will trust it again at 1000%.
December, 2020

Dog-sitting Sofia, Bulgaria. Review by Maria Ivanova, owner of dog Rio

Alex – the woman, thanks to whom we travel completely calm that Rio is in good and safe hands. If you are looking for individual 24/7 care for your dog, she is your person! Rio is happy and well taken care of, actively walks several times a day, cuddled and guided to his favorite places.
September, 2019

Dog-sitting Sofia, Bulgaria. Review by Vasil & Doroteya, owner of dog Dima

Thank you very much for the care, attention and love you gave our Dima. Rare are such conscientious and devoted people like you!
August, 2019

Dog-sitting Sofia, Bulgaria. Review by Anna Blagova, owner of dog Grum

Aleksandra saved us when fate brought us our Thunder weeks before we went abroad. Although he was not an easy puppy (8 months, 30 kilograms and injuries from street life), she provided him with better care than we had managed so far – daily socialization with other dogs, personal diet, visits to the vet when needed. Thank you, Aleksandra, we hope to have a place in your heart (and board) forever.
August, 2019